We went to the Animal Park Today by Garry Slack

This is a book that in a series called Sign with Olli and includes 20 signs. The book is written by a qualified communication support worker and is aimed at teaching young children basic BSL. The book is nicely formatted with photos of nicely illustrating the chosen signs, two per double page. The red words in the text the one’s demonstrated in the book. The story is probably aimed at young primary school aged children. The story is about a trip to the animal park, and covers some animal signs but also some other more conversational signs such as Dad, Thank you, Saw and Cool. In the series there is Learn to sign with Olli, Learn to sign and cook with Olli, The Shining signing star (children’s nativity including differing levels of signing and musical abilities) and Learn to sign about nature with Olli.

The book is probably best suited to a family that want to introduce some sign language as the introductory words are basic but the children in the photo’s demonstrating the signs are very clear but importantly relatable for young deaf or hearing children. It is a nice way to carefully introduce the idea of signing.


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